Air Conditioning

We Service And Install:
  • Central Air
  • Ductless AC Units
  • Wall Mount A/C Units
  • Air Condensers
  • We Offer:
  • AC Repair
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
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  • Air Conditioning

    Central air conditioning keeps a comfortable environment where you can work optimally or even just rest and relax easily.

    Based on warranty, quality, and reliability most of our customers choose the Amana brand of heating and cooling equipment.

    Our Maintenance Service Includes:

    • The complete check of the indoor furnace operational controls and the blower assembly
    • Cleaning of the outdoor unit, fan, and inspection of the controls
    • Air filter inspection
    • Refrigerant levels monitorin

    These examinations are necessary to predict potential future breakdown and prevent them, prolonging the life of your air conditioning unit.

    On top of our maintenance services, we provide unit surveys to determine whether a new unit will be more cost effective, or if repairs would suffice.

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    Ram Heating and Cooling services Bancroft, Durand, Howell, Corunna, Owosso, Fowlerville, and surrounding areas.  Ram Heating and Cooling has been providing heating and cooling services to the people of Michigan for the last 28 years. A licensed air conditioning maintenance contractor, we are skilled and competent handlers of home cooling systems. We guarantee that your investments are put to good use.

    Ram Heating and Cooling provides excellent air conditioning maintenance service. We have licensed and trained professionals who know how to handle your unit’s intricate system.

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