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    Today, several methods are available for providing household heat. One of the more popular ones involves the use of fuel-generated systems to furnish home warmth.

    What is a boiler?

    A boiler is a very old and reliable method of heating all or some of your home.  Water is heated to a specific temperature in the boiler and transferred to areas of your home through pipes.  This allows you to heat different areas of your home to different temperatures “zoning”, which increases the comfort and lowers the operating costs.

    Homes can be heated by simple wall hung baseboard convectors, radiant heating by blowing air over a hot water coil (similar to a radiator in a car).  This makes a boiler heated home, the most comfortable of any style of home heating system.

    For Boiler Repair or Boiler Installation
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    Who are we?
    RAM Heating and Cooling has been providing heating and cooling services to the people of Michigan for the last 28 years. As licensed boiler repairmen, we are skilled and competent handlers of boilers and heating systems. We not only help build your home, we build your trust too. We guarantee that your investments are put to good use.

    We provide excellent, quality service with a smile. We are reliable, honest and committed to giving you utmost satisfaction. If you need someone you can trust, call RAM Heating and Cooling!

    What do we offer?
    RAM Heating and Cooling offers superior boiler repair and installation. We know how to fix things and we can recognize which parts actually need repairs, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your boiler. We also provide quality maintenance services, anticipating damages before they even happen, thus prolonging the life of your boiler. Because at RAM Heating and Cooling, we take care of you every step of the way!

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